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JAVA software for operating Alvin/Jason Heat Flow Probe


Fisher, Andrew; Morris, Brecky; Weathers, Tess (2018), JAVA software for operating Alvin/Jason Heat Flow Probe , Dryad, Dataset,


The Alvin/Jason heat flow probe is operated from a PC (Windows or Mac) using a Java-based program that has a GUI for interaction with probe electronics. This software replaces C-based program that was delivered with the tools in 1996, communicating with the probe using a low-level command language, and allowing the user to monitor system performance during measurement. As described in this document, the system can be tested on the bench before deployment to assure proper function and for training purposes, and during deployment with a submersible. This document contains an overview of physical probe configuration and operation, as well as instructions for operating the TempProbe software.

Usage notes

Please see cookbook included with the software.


National Science Foundation, Award: OCE-1131210