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Join our growing Dryad institutional member community by contacting!

Why join Dryad?

Be part of a non-profit, shared community working together to promote data publishing, curation, and preservation. Our community is open to a full spectrum of stakeholder organizations such as journals, learned societies, publishers, research institutions, and academic libraries. Since each stakeholder community comes to Dryad for different approaches, we have created distinct membership opportunities to best support these efforts.

All members of the Dryad community benefit by sustaining shared infrastructure that:

All members of the Dryad community will influence the future by:

Let's band together and sustain community-owned research data infrastructure!

Learn more about Institutional Membership

Thank you to our growing list of institutional members who support their researchers publishing in Dryad

Any research institution that supports the educational, scientific, and charitable mission of Dryad is eligible to become a member.

Institutional Membership benefits include:

Annual Institutional Membership Fees

Dryad membership brings significant value to institutions. As such, we recognize that any metric for assessing fees might not seem equitable to every institution. Therefore, we are asking institutions to self-determine your level of commitment. Below are some parameters you may use, but you make the decision about which level corresponds most closely to your institution’s resources.

Suggested Examples for Determining Size

If your institution is unable to meet the membership fees, please contact to discuss alternative pricing. If your organization is in a position to support Dryad at a higher level than our posted fees, we would be happy to further discuss.

For more information on Institutional Membership, please contact

Learn more about Publisher Membership (including journals and scholarly societies)

We are proud of our publisher membership community that supports data availability and Dryad

Individual journals, publishers, and scholarly societies can be part of the Dryad community through a stand-alone publisher membership, as a sponsor of data publishing fees, through submission integration, or a combination of these. Publisher support for Dryad is essential in allowing us to provide open data infrastructure and simple workflows for your authors.

Publisher Membership benefits include:

Publisher Membership Plan (Annual)

Publisher Sponsorship Opportunities

I. Subscription Plan

Based on unlimited number of submissions (estimated on previous years’ submissions)

Members: $40 per published research article

Non-Members: $50 per published research article

A journal (or journals) with an active subscription may make an unlimited number of submissions for a fixed, up-front cost. Publishers or groups that publish more than one journal can set up a subscription to cover all or any number of journals. The cost is calculated based on the total number of research articles published by the journal(s) in the prior year.

II. Usage-Based Plan

Based on actual number of published research datasets

Members: $105 per dataset

Non-Members: $115 per dataset

Organizations will be invoiced quarterly on a deferred basis for the number of datasets published by your authors.

For more information on Publisher Membership and Sponsorship, please contact

Submission Integration

Submission integration is a free service that allows journal publishers to coordinate the submission of manuscripts with submission of data to Dryad.

The integration process works with many different online manuscript processing systems. It is lightweight and customizable to each journal's needs.

Contact us to integrate your journal now.

Benefits of integration:

See a list of currently integrated journals.

We welcome submission integration for any organization that publishes a scientific journal, regardless of their membership status in the Dryad organization. Please contact for more information.