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Publication process

Dataset curation

Dryad has a team of curators who check every submission to ensure the accessibility and reusability of files and metadata. Once your dataset is submitted, Dryad curators perform basic checks. Assuring that your dataset meets all of our requirements for metadata and data files will ensure that the curation process is as efficient and timely as possible.

If Dryad curators identify questions, problems, or areas for improvement, they will contact you directly via the email address associated with your submission. You may contact the curation team for questions or consultations.

If your data submission is private for peer review, it will not be processed by our curators until you have released the submission for curation, or the associated manuscript is accepted by an integrated journal and the data submission is automatically released.

Upon curator approval, the Dryad DOI is officially registered and, if applicable, the Data Publishing Charge (DPC) and any overage fees are invoiced. For assistance with invoices (e.g., re-addressing an invoice), please respond directly to the email with the invoice to connect with our billing team.

Dataset publication

Once your submission has been reviewed and approved by our team of curators, you will receive a notification of publication via email and your dataset will be made publicly available.

If the data publication charge is not covered by a journal or your institution, or if you are not eligible for a fee waiver, an invoice will be generated and sent upon publication. If you require assistance with paying the invoice or readdressing an invoice, please respond directly to the invoice email.

Software publication with Zenodo

Dryad formed a partnership with Zenodo, a multidisciplinary repository based at CERN, in 2019. This partnership leverages each organization's strengths: data curation at Dryad and software publication at Zenodo.

Through our integration, any software uploaded during the data submission process will be published at Zenodo. The software will not go through Dryad curation processes, but it will be time-released with the publication of the Dryad dataset. Both the data and software packages will be linked and denoted on the Dryad landing page under “Related works”.


Data published at Dryad is intended to remain permanently archived and available. Removal of a published dataset is considered an exceptional action akin to article retraction and should be requested and fully justified by the original contributor (e.g., if there are concerns over privacy or data ownership). To request the withdrawal of data from Dryad, contact support.

Citing your dataset

As soon as you start a data submission, a DOI is reserved for that dataset in the format This, and a full citation in a standard format, is included in the Citation section of a published dataset. If you need the DOI before you submit your dataset, for instance to include in a manuscript submission, you can find it on your Dryad Dashboard. The DOI provided will remain unchanged through publication of the dataset.

Updating your dataset

You can update your data by clicking on the "Create new version" link for your dataset in your Dryad dashboard. Any edits made will build upon the last submitted version of the dataset; the DOI will remain the same. Once the latest version has been approved by our curation team and published, only the most recent version of your dataset will be packaged and available for download via the "Download dataset" button. If the dataset is versioned, prior versions can be accessed via the "Data files" section which is organized by the date of publication.