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Submission and Publication Process

Data publishing includes describing and organizing your data in a way that makes it accessible and reusable to researchers. For an overview see our Quick Start to Data Sharing. Dryad’s process is outlined here, including links to our Frequently Asked Questions with information on particular topics and recommendations for good data practices. If you need further assistance, please contact us at

Ready to get started? Log in and go to "My Datasets" to begin your data submission now!


Dryad requires an ORCID ID for login. If you do not have an ORCID, you will have the opportunity to create a free, unique, identifier for yourself at the login page. Dryad uses ORCID so that we can authenticate and identify each individual researcher regardless of your route of entry to Dryad (i.e. through the website, through the API, through a journal integration, etc.). When datasets are published, they should appear in your ORCID profile along with articles and other works.

For institutional members, we require a second form of authentication at login for campus single-sign-on. After you have logged in with your institutional credentials, Dryad ties together your ORCID and institutional affiliation so that you will not have to include this information a second time.

Once you are logged in, within "My Datasets" you can begin your submission.

Uploading your data

You will first be asked to enter metadata (information about your data). Check out our tips for complete and comprehensive metadata. When you upload data files, ensure that they meet our file requirements and are able to be opened, they do not contain sensitive information, and do not have licensing conflicts with CC0. Please upload a README that describes your data as a .txt file.

If you choose to upload Software which will be triaged and published at Zenodo, we recommend uploading a README specific to the software on page three. For more information about our Zenodo integration check out our FAQ.

You will have the opportunity for data to be curated and published immediately or if you prefer for data to be private during your peer review process, select Private for Peer Review on the “Review and Submit” page.

Dataset Curation

We will review your data ensuring it meets our curation requirements. If we have questions we’ll get in touch with you. For more information check out our FAQ.

Dataset Publication

Once your dataset has been approved by our curators it will be published and publicly available. We will notify you by email and this email will contain a permanent DOI that can be used to cite your dataset. If the cost of your dataset is not covered by a journal, your institution, or a country waiver you will receive an invoice. Datasets can be versioned at any time by clicking "update" on your dataset.