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Observations of sea turtles

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Leocadio, Jailson (2017). Observations of sea turtles [Dataset]. Dryad.


Dataset containing observations of sea turtle and the climatic data related. The data is from Portal da Biodiversidade (, GBIF and Bio-Oracle ( The data from Portal da Biodiversidade contains observations of sea turtles in Brazil, colected by researchers from all over the country. The GBIF data contains observations from various countries. The geophysical, biotic and environmental data for surface marine realms was exported from Bio-Oracle marine data layers.

The columns in the file mean:

BO_calcite - Calcite (mol.m-3)
BO_chlomax - Chlorophyll (mg.m-3)
BO_chlomean - Chlorophyll (mg.m-3)
BO_chlomin - Chlorophyll (mg.m-3)
BO_chlorange - Chlorophyll (mg.m-3)
BO_cloudmax - Cloud cover (%)
BO_cloudmean - Cloud cover (%)
BO_cloudmin - Cloud cover (%)
BO_damax - Diffuse attenuation (m-1)
BO_damean - Diffuse attenuation (m-1)
BO_damin - Diffuse attenuation (m-1)
BO_dissox - Dissolved molecular oxygen (mol.m-3)
BO_nitrate - Nitrate (mol.m-3)
BO_parmax - Photosynt. Avail. Radiation (
BO_parmean - Photosynt. Avail. Radiation (
BO_ph - pH
BO_phosphate - Phosphate (mol.m-3)
BO_salinity - Salinity (PSS)
BO_silicate - Silicate    (mol.m-3)
BO_sstmax - Temperature    (ºC)
BO_sstmean - Temperature    (ºC)
BO_sstmin - Temperature    (ºC)
BO_sstrange - Temperature    (ºC)
BO_bathymin - Bathymetry (m)
BO_bathymax - Bathymetry (m)
BO_bathymean - Bathymetry (m)

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