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Bicycling comfort video experiment

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Fitch, Dillon; Carlen, Jane; Handy, Susan (2019). Bicycling comfort video experiment [Dataset]. Dryad.


This tabular data can be used to evaluate perceived bicycling comfort on distinct state highways in California. The highway settings are primarily urban, but vary in traffic conditions, lane configurations, speeds, and bicycling infrastructure. The data include survey responses to video clips of these state highways along with a series of additional survey data that co-varies with the video survey responses.


Data was gathered for this project from the Fall 2017 UC Davis Campus Travel Survey (CTS). The data includes participant ratings of bicycling comfort in a block designed video experiment. Other variables related to socio-demographics, travel characteristics, travel attitudes, travel perceptions, and travel experiences were collected in the survey. Most survey questions are measured on ratio and nominal scales. The CTS was an online web-survey using Qualtrics. The video clips and attributes of the video clips were obtained from UC Berkeley SafeTREC.

Usage notes

A description for each variable is provided in an associated metadata file. Missing values are present in many variables when survey participants chose not to answer a question (indicated by NA or blanks).


California Department of Transportation, Award: 65A0686 Task order 006