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Data for analysis of snowmelt timing as a determinant of inflow mixing in Lake Tahoe

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Roberts, Derek; Watanabe, Shohei; Schladow, S. Geoffrey (2018). Data for analysis of snowmelt timing as a determinant of inflow mixing in Lake Tahoe [Dataset]. Dryad.


This dataset includes data files pertinent to the manuscript, "Snowmelting timing as a determinant of inflow mixing," accepted for publication in Water Resources Research in January 2018. Included data were used for an analysis of relative stream-lake conditions as they pertain to winter climate conditions and the subsequent mixing of snowmelt inflows into the lake. 

Included with each of the six files listed below is a [FILENAME]_Reference.txt file with details on data collection, curation, and flagging. 

Lake data:

TERC_Hourly_Homewood_Nearshore_2009_2017.txt - hourly nearshore temperature and calculated density near Homewood, CA, Lake Tahoe (1 November 2009 - 1 August 2017). 

TERC_Annual_Tahoe_OnsetStrat.txt - annual timing of onset of stratification at Lake Tahoe, CA/NV (1968-2017).

NASA_JPL_TahoeBuoy3_WaterTemp_at2m_2009_2017.txt - hourly mid-lake water temperature at Lake Tahoe (1 November 2009 - 1 August 2017). 

Stream data:

Blackwood_Hourly_StreamData_2009_2017.txt - hourly Blackwood Creek temperature, discharge, conductivity, and density (1 November 2009 - 1 August 2017). 

Associated meteorological and watershed data:

CSSL_Annual_SnowDepth_1960_2017.txt - annual snow accumulation and maximum depth as collected at Central Sierra Snow Laboratory, Soda Springs, CA (1960-2017).

NCEI_Daily_TahoeCity_TempPrecip_1960_2017.txt - long-term daily maximum and minimum air temperature, and precipitation in Tahoe City, CA (1960-2017). 

TahoeBasin_AirTemp_ShortwaveRadiation_2009_2017.txt - aggregated hourly air temperature and incoming shortwave radiation (1 November 2009 - 1 August 2017). 


Details of dataset-specific methodology, curation, and flagging are included in [FILENAME]_Reference.txt files included with the [FILENAME].txt data files. 

Usage notes

All files contain continuous data (no gaps) aggreagated and curated using interpolation, gap-filling, and modeling techniques described in the [FILENAME]_Reference.txt files included with each data file. 


SW 38.888895, -120.345612
NW 39.364032, -119.867706