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Generic injuries are sufficient to induce ectopic Wnt organizers in Hydra


Cazet, Jack; Juliano, Celina; Cho, Adrienne (2021), Generic injuries are sufficient to induce ectopic Wnt organizers in Hydra, Dryad, Dataset,


During whole-body regeneration, a bisection injury can trigger two different types of regeneration. To understand the transcriptional regulation underlying this adaptive response we characterized transcript abundance and chromatin accessibility during oral and aboral regeneration in the cnidarian Hydra vulgaris. We found that the initial response to amputation at both wound sites is identical and includes widespread apoptosis and the activation of the oral-specifying Wnt signaling pathway. By 8 hours post-amputation, Wnt signaling became restricted to oral regeneration. Wnt pathway genes were also upregulated in puncture wounds and these wounds induced the formation of ectopic oral structures if pre-existing organizers were simultaneously amputated. Our work suggests that oral patterning is activated as part of a generic injury response in Hydra, and that alternative injury outcomes are dependent on signals from the surrounding tissue. Furthermore, Wnt signaling is likely part of a conserved wound response predating the split of cnidarians and bilaterians.

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National Institutes of Health, Award: R35 GM133689