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Apis mellifera wing images (Africanized honey bees)

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Calfee, Erin et al. (2020). Apis mellifera wing images (Africanized honey bees) [Dataset]. Dryad.


Honey bee wing lengths and vein patterns differ between major genetic lineages. In this dataset we publish forewing images for 276 individual honey bees with mixtures of African and European genetic ancestry of varying proportions. In the associated population genomics study, we compared evolutionary outcomes of the Africanized honey bee invasion in North and South America (California and Argentina). Samples from Argentina were provided by the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), Argentina.


Fore wings for 276 individual honey bees, imaged from slides. Freely-foraging honey bees were collected in 2018 from transects across the present African-to-European ancestry transition (hybrid) zones in California and Argentina. These wing images can be paired with individual whole-genome sequences, estimated ancestry proportions, GPS locations and wing length measurements from imageJ (see associated publication).


Usage notes

Wings from 2 samples sequenced in the associated population genetics study were not imaged due to excessive damage. Images included here may additionally show some wing tatter or damage (e.g. n = 7 images had to be excluded from original study of wing lengths).


National Cancer Institute, Award: NIH R01 GM108779

National Science Foundation, Award: NSF No. 1546719

North American Pollinator Protection Campaign and Pollinator Partnership, Award: NAPPC Honey Bee Health Grant

Center for Population Biology UC Davis, Award: Pengelley Award