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Data from: Strong evidence for an intraspecific metabolic scaling coefficient near 0.89 in fish

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Kraskura, Krista; Jerde, Christopher; Eliason, Erika (2021). Data from: Strong evidence for an intraspecific metabolic scaling coefficient near 0.89 in fish [Dataset]. Dryad.


We curated standard metabolic rate measurements of individual fish, temperature, and body mass.  The database is grouped by studies, with independent trials, and fish species. The databse includes a total of n = 1456 observations that were used to quantify the body mass – metabolic rate relationship in fishes using the evidential approach to statistical inference. 


We compiled standard metabolic rate (SMR, mg O2 h-1) measurements of individual fish, their body mass (BM, g), and test temperature (ºC). Data were gathered by carefully and individually examining publicly available datasets published in complement to peer-reviewed articles from 2000 or later using Google Dataset Search (; we used the following keywords "metabolic rate fish", "oxygen consumption fish", "metabolism fish", "standard metabolic rate fish". In addition, several datasets were personally received from authors and are shared with permission from authors. Metabolic rate data were included if the following criteria were met: 1) fish were in post larval life stages, 2) fish were in a post-absorptive state, meaning they were unfed for a minimum of 20 h prior to taking metabolic rate measurements, 3)  the SMR was estimated from taking overnight metabolic rate measurements of each fish (>12 h of automatic measurement), 4) fish were acclimated to test water temperature for at least 7 days prior to the experiment, and 5) fish were at calm resting states. Data were included if SMR was measured at ecologically relevant conditions, including temperature ranges, for each species. Fish of the same species, from the same study, and with the same covariates (e.g., salinity, light, conspecific density conditions, diets, or population) were grouped together in trials (details in Jerde et al. 2019, main text and in the attached excel file). 

Usage notes

The description and documentation of the data are provided in the README document. Table 1 in the associated manuscript (Jerde et al., 2019) details the sources of the data, species, trials identification, temperature under which the SMR measurements were collected, and sample sizes per trial.

Attached are five files: 1) README document, 2) Jerde_etal_2019_fish_SMR_scaling.xlsx (and open format datafile), 3)  Jerde_etal_2019_data_reference_table.xlsx, along with the .ods versions for the two .xls files.