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Chironomid-based temperature reconstruction from Burgäschisee, Switzerland

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Bolland, Alexander et al. (2020). Chironomid-based temperature reconstruction from Burgäschisee, Switzerland [Dataset]. Dryad.


The data herein presents a new chironomid record and associated chironomid-based temperature reconstruction covering the time interval 18,000-14,000 cal. BP from the lacustrine sediments of a kettle hole lake Burgäschisee, Switzerland. Chironomid assemblages show ecological turnover beginning 1,300 years before the onset of the Oldest Dryas / Bølling transition at ca. 14,700 cal. BP and associated increases in chironomid-based temperature reconstructions. These data also include non-chironomid invertebrate remains, including Ceratopogonidae, Daphnia and Ephemeroptera as well as Characean oospores.


Sample processing: Sediment samples were soaked in room temeprature 10% KOH solution for 6 hours before being sieved through 100 and 200 micrometer sieves. Chironomids were picked from those samples using a Bogorov tray under a stereomicroscope (30 – 50 x magnification). Samples were dried and then mounted on microscope slides using Euparal and identified under at 40 – 100 x magnification  with a composund microscope. The full laboratory methods are presented in the associated manuscript.

For post identification data processing and temperature reconstruction analysis please see the associated publication in Quaternary Science Reviews.



Swiss National Science Foundation, Award: SNF grant: 200021_165494