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Laminar-specific cortico-cortical loops in mouse visual cortex

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Young, Hedi; Belbut, Beatriz; Baeta, Margarida; Petreanu, Leopoldo (2021). Laminar-specific cortico-cortical loops in mouse visual cortex [Dataset]. Dryad.


Many theories propose recurrent interactions across the cortical hierarchy, but it is unclear if cortical circuits are selectively wired to implement looped computations. Using subcellular channelrhodopsin-2-assisted circuit mapping in mouse visual cortex, we compared feedforward (FF) or feedback (FB) cortico-cortical synaptic input to cells projecting back to the input source (looped neurons) with neighboring cells projecting to a different cortical or subcortical area (non-looped neurons). Despite having different laminar innervation patterns, FF and FB afferents showed similar cell-type selectivity, making stronger excitatory connections with looped neurons versus non-looped neurons in layer (L) 5 and L6, but not in L2/3. In most cases, these stronger connections in looped L5 neurons were located on their apical tufts, but not on their perisomatic dendrites. Our results reveal that cortico-cortical connections are selectively wired to form monosynaptic excitatory loops and support a differential role of supragranular and subgranular neurons in hierarchical recurrent computations.


The dataset consists of subcellular channelrhodopsin-assisted circuit maps (sCRACM) of cortico-cortical inputs to projection neurons in mouse visual cortex (areas V1, LM and AM). Electrophysiology traces and images of the recorded cells were collected using Ephus ( Suter et al, Frontiers in neural circuits 2010). Raw data is saved as a Matlab compatible structure (.xsg) containing all the relevant metadata. For each neurons, we also include analyzed sCRACM maps as a Matlab .m file.

For a subset of the recorded cells, the dataset also includes manual reconstructions of biocytin-filled dendrites using Neurolucida software and saved in ASCII format (.ASC).

Usage notes

The dataset is organized in 16 folders containing sCRACM maps in pairs of neighboring cells of either L2/3, L5, or L6 obtained by photostimulation a given cortico-cortical projection. A text file is included that lists pairs that were recorded in the vicinity of each other and their projection pattern as determined by the presence of fluorescent traces in their cell bodies.

Only a subset of the recorded neurons has data on dendritic morphology. 


La Caixa Banking Foundation, Award: LCF/PR/HR17/52150005

La Caixa Banking Foundation, Award: LCF/PR/HR17/52150005

Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, Award: LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER 030328

European Commission, Award: PCIG12-GA-2012-334353

La Caixa Banking Foundation, Award: LCF/PR/HR17/52150005