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Continuous forest inventory of Swanton Pacific Ranch

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Badiozamani, Eliza et al. (2021). Continuous forest inventory of Swanton Pacific Ranch [Dataset]. Dryad.


C.F.I. plots are part of long term forest monitoring program on the lands of Cal Poly's Swanton Pacific Ranch that monitor forest conditions over time. Approximately two hundred, 1/5 acre fixed plots are spaced out in a systematic random sampling system over forested areas that results in a 2-3% sample size. Plot measurement began in 1997 and re-measurement occurs every 10 years.

Information taken at each of these plots consists of: plot number, slope, aspect, declination, date, crew, number in crew, plot notes, regeneration tally, tree and snag inventory, species, witness trees, distance and bearing to each tree in the plot, diameter at breast height (DBH) to a .10 inches, height, crown class, height to crown base (HTCB), damage and disease, breast height age, radial growth, plot photos, plot comments, Herbaceous Vegetative Groundcover (consists of species identification and % occupation), student use difficulty, and Poison Oak Level (P.O. level).