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The Little Yellow and its guild in tropical meadows

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Hernandez, Jason (2022). The Little Yellow and its guild in tropical meadows [Dataset]. Dryad.


Many butterfly species have benefitted from the expansion of their open grassland habitat. One of these is the little yellow, Eurema lisa, a widespread species occurring in North America in Florida and the Gulf states, throughout Central America south to Panama, the Caribbean Islands, and Bermuda. I examined the guild of meadow butterflies in a dairy pasture system in the Dominican Republic over a six-month period, surveyed possible nectar sources, and investigated the behavior of the little yellow within this guild. Twenty-three species of insect pollinated forbs were recorded. Thirty-three species of meadow butterflies were found in this habitat, and seven species of woodland edge butterflies transited the meadows in crossing between woodland patches. The little yellow nectared mostly on Sphagneticola trilobata, and divided its time nearly equally between nectar foraging flights and active, nonstop flight. It engaged in ascending flights with conspecifics and heterospecific congeners.


This dataset represents field transects conducted as described in the articles Methods section. It has been tabulated for analysis, but not otherwise processed.

Usage notes

There are no missing values. The three designations "East," "Central," and "West" are geographical divisions of the study site.