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Harvestmen locomotion kinematics

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Escalante, Ignacio; Badger, Marc; Elias, Damian (2020). Harvestmen locomotion kinematics [Dataset]. Dryad.


Dataset is the experimental test of changes in biomechanics of Neotropical harvestmen after leg loss. Data includes locomotor performance, as well as postural and stride kinematic variables. Please see the associated manuscript for more details and information (Escalante, I., Badger, M.A. & Elias, D.O. Rapid recovery of locomotor performance after leg loss in harvestmen. Sci Rep 10, 13747 (2020).


We experimentally induced autotomy in Prionostemma harvestmen. We video-recorded animals moving on a horizontal track and reconstructed their 3D trajectories with custom software tools to measure locomotor performance.

Usage notes

The Methods section in the manuscript provides the necessary information to replicate and/or re-analyze this dataset.


Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Award: Short-term Fellowship 2015

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

National Science Foundation, Award: DGE-0903711