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The Influence Law of Eccentric Load on the Performance of Yielding Bolt


Tai, Yang et al. (2020), The Influence Law of Eccentric Load on the Performance of Yielding Bolt, Dryad, Dataset,


In order to adapt high stress and large deformation of roadways, the prestressed yielding bolt has been developed. However, borehole deviation makes the boreholes out of perpendicular to the roadway surface, and the prestressed yielding bolt will be under eccentric load. In order to reveal the influence laws of eccentric load on the performance of the prestressed yielding bolt, the numerical simulation was carried out in this paper. Then, the influence of eccentric load on displacement-load relations, use efficiency for the yielding pipe material, plastic strains of the bolt components, as well as the absorptive capacity of the yielding pipe, were analyzed. The results are as follows: (1). Eccentric loads affected use efficiency of the yielding pipe material, plastic strains of bolt components and the absorptive capacity to a certain degree at the stage of initial displacement, while these impacts could be neglected at the stage of the later displacement; (2) Eccentric load mainly affected the yielding pipe’s displacement-load relations. As the eccentric load increased, the yielding point and its corresponding displacement increased linearly while the yielding amount decreased linearly; (3) The eccentric load could be adjusted to control the yielding point and amount in order to meet the roadway support’s requirement for the yielding bolt.


Postgraduate Research & Practice Innovation Program of Jiangsu Province, Award: KYCX20_2014

Future Scientists Program of China University of Mining and Technology, Award: 2020WLKXJ008