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An alternative and highly efficient synthetic protocol of Osimertinib


Voulgari, Pinelopi; Alivertis, Dimitrios; Skobridis, Konstantinos (2021), An alternative and highly efficient synthetic protocol of Osimertinib, Dryad, Dataset,


Osimertinib, a third generation potent and specific EGFR inhibitor is an important drug against many forms of cancer. It was synthesized by an improved and highly efficient protocol, revisiting the classical synthetic process and modifying parameters, such as solvents, temperature, reagents, and reaction time. A cost-effective, environmentally friendly methodology for the synthesis of Osimertinib was established, which gave shorter reaction times, saved labor by eliminating purification steps through column chromatography, and enhanced yields. Four of the seven steps in total, were proceeded quantitatively or almost quantitatively (~ 98%). This synthetic protocol provides a very high overall yield, up to 68%. In addition, the entire approach enables the preparation of Osimertinib analogues and could be extended in the synthesis of other structurally similar bioactive compounds.