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Data from: Prediction error induced motor contagions in human behaviors


Ikegami, Tsuyoshi; Ganesh, Gowrishankar; Takeuchi, Tatsuya; Nakamoto, Hiroki (2019), Data from: Prediction error induced motor contagions in human behaviors, Dryad, Dataset,


Motor contagions refer to implicit effects on one's actions induced by observed actions. Motor contagions are believed to be induced simply by action observation and cause an observer's action to become similar to the action observed. In contrast, here we report a new motor contagion that is induced only when the observation is accompanied by prediction errors - differences between actions one observes and those he/she predicts or expects. In two experiments, one on whole-body baseball pitching and another on simple arm reaching, we show that the observation of the same action induces distinct motor contagions, depending on whether prediction errors are present or not. In the absence of prediction errors, as in previous reports, participants' actions changed to become similar to the observed action, while in the presence of prediction errors, their actions changed to diverge away from it, suggesting distinct effects of action observation and action prediction on human actions.

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