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Data from: Estimating mobile traffic demand using Twitter


Yang, Bowei et al. (2018), Data from: Estimating mobile traffic demand using Twitter, Dryad, Dataset,


In this letter, the authors show that structured social media data can act as an accurate predictor for wireless data demand patterns at a high spatial-temporal resolution. A casestudy is performed on Greater London covering a 5000 km2 area. The data used includes over 0.6 million geo-tagged Twitter data, over 1 million mobile phone data demand records, and U.K. census data. The analysis shows that social media activity (Tweets/s n) can accurately predict the long-term traffic demand for both the uplink and downlink channels. The relationship between social media activity and traffic demand obeys a power law and the model explains for over 71%-79% of the variance in real traffic demand. This is a significant improvement over existing methods of long-term traffic prediction such as census population data (R2 = 0.57). The authors also show that social media data can also forward predict short-term traffic demand for up to 2 h on the same day and for the same time in the following 2-3 days.

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