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Numerical data from: Gasotransmitter modulation of hypoglossal motoneuron activity


Garcia, Alfredo; Browe, Brigitte (2023), Numerical data from: Gasotransmitter modulation of hypoglossal motoneuron activity, Dryad, Dataset,


Using the rhythmic brainstem slice preparation, which contains the preBötzinger complex (preBötC) and the hypoglossal nucleus, we tested the hypothesis that central HO-2 dysregulation weakens hypoglossal motoneuron output. Disrupting HO-2 activity increased transmission failure as determined by the intermittent inability of the preBötC rhythm to trigger output from the hypoglossal nucleus.  Failed transmission was associated with a reduced input-output relationship between the preBötC and the motor nucleus.  These network phenomena were related to smaller inspiratory drive currents and reduced intrinsic excitability among hypoglossal neurons. In addition to HO-2, hypoglossal neurons also expressed the CO-regulated H2S producing enzyme cystathionine ϒ-lyase (CSE). H2S abundance was higher in hypoglossal neurons of HO-2 null mice than wild-type controls. Disrupting CSE function normalized transmission in HO-2 null mice and an H2S donor mimicked the effects of HO-2 dysregulation. These findings demonstrate a hitherto uncharacterized modulation of hypoglossal activity through the interaction of HO‑2 and CSE-derived H2S, and supports the perspective that centrally derived HO-2 activity plays an important role regulating upper airway control. This archived dataset contains the numerical data used to generate the figures in the preprint titled:  Gasotransmitter Modulation of Hypoglossal Motoneuron Activity by Brigitte Browe, Ying-Jie Peng, Jayasri Nanduri, Nanduri R. Prabhakar, and Alfredo J. Garcia III. This report can be found at


These data were collected from electrophysiological measurements.  Data was analyzed posthoc using CLAMPFIT, a part of the pCLAMP software suite (Molecular Devices).  Numerical values were generated using spreadsheet calculations in Excel (Microsoft). The resulting values were aggregated in a single summary file for each figure.  

Usage notes

Data is archived in a Microsoft Excel format. 


National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Award: P01 HL144454

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Award: R01NS107421

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Award: R01HL163965

National Institute on Drug Abuse, Award: R01DA057767