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Data from: Cavin-3 dictates the balance between ERK and Akt signaling


Michaely, Peter et al. (2013), Data from: Cavin-3 dictates the balance between ERK and Akt signaling, Dryad, Dataset,


Cavin-3 is a tumor suppressor protein of unknown function. Using a combination of in vivo knockout and in vitro gain/loss of function approaches, we show that cavin-3 dictates the balance between ERK and Akt signaling. Loss of cavin-3 increases Akt signaling at the expense of ERK, while gain of cavin-3 increases ERK signaling at the expense Akt. Cavin-3 facilitates signal transduction to ERK by anchoring caveolae, a lipid-raft specialization that contains an ERK activation module, to the membrane skeleton of the plasma membrane. Loss of cavin-3 reduces the number of caveolae, thereby separating this ERK activation module from signaling receptors. Loss of cavin-3 promotes Akt signaling through suppression of EGR1 and PTEN. The in vitro consequences of the loss of cavin-3 include induction of Warburg metabolism (aerobic glycolysis), accelerated cell proliferation and resistance to apoptosis. The in vivo consequences of cavin-3 loss are increased lactate production and cachexia.

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