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Model outputs from NYC-VPRM and STILT

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Wei, Dandan; Commane, Roisin; Reinmann, Andrew (2022). Model outputs from NYC-VPRM and STILT [Dataset]. Dryad.


Modeled biogenic CO2 fluxes from the NYC-VPRM (the Vegetation Photosynthesis and Respiration Model for New York City) and modeled atmospheric CO2 concentration enhancements by STILT (the Lagrangian Atmospheric Transport model). The model outputs are used for findings presented in the manuscript titled "High resolution modeling of vegetation reveals large summertime biogenic CO2 fluxes in New York City" by Dandan Wei, Andrew Reinmann, Luke Schiferl, and Roisin Commane and published in Environmental Research Letters.


NOAA Climate Program Office, Award: NA20OAR4310306