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Data from: The efficacy of good genes sexual selection under environmental change


Martinossi-Allibert, Ivain; Rueffler, Claus; Arnqvist, Göran; Berger, David (2019), Data from: The efficacy of good genes sexual selection under environmental change, Dryad, Dataset,


Sexual selection can promote adaptation if sexually selected traits are reliable indicators of genetic quality. Moreover, models of good genes sexual selection suggest that, by operating more strongly in males than in females, sexual selection may purge deleterious alleles from the population at a low demographic cost, offering an evolutionary benefit to sexually reproducing populations. Here, we investigate the effect of good genes sexual selection on adaptation following environmental change. We show that the strength of sexual selection is often weakened relative to fecundity selection, reducing the suggested benefit of sexual reproduction. This result is a consequence of incorporating a simple and general mechanistic basis for how sexual selection operates under different mating systems, rendering selection on males frequency-dependent and dynamic with respect to the degree of environmental change. Our model illustrates that incorporating the mechanism of selection is necessary to predict evolutionary outcomes and highlights the need to substantiate previous theoretical claims with further work on how sexual selection operates in changing environments.

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