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Data from: De novo sequencing and assembly of Azadirachta indica fruit transcriptome


Krishnan, Neeraja M. et al. (2012), Data from: De novo sequencing and assembly of Azadirachta indica fruit transcriptome, Dryad, Dataset,


Azadirachta indica (neem) is a unique, versatile and important tree species. Many parts of the plant are traditionally used as pesticide, insecticide, fungicide and for other medicinal purposes. Azadirachta fruits and seeds, a good source of oil, are widely used for agriculturally important pest management. Neem oil and its derivatives also support multiple cottage industries in India. Past efforts have been mostly concentrated towards identifying, characterizing and synthesizing one of its principal components, i.e. azadirachtin from seed kernels. Despite diverse use of the neem plant, a modern drug-development programme which systematically exploits the therapeutic ability of Azadirachta fruits remains to be fully established. Next generation sequencing technology that helps decode genomes and transcriptomes has transformational impact on medicine, agriculture, bio-fuel and biodiversity studies. Here, we report sequencing, assembly and analysis of Azadirachta fruit transcriptome using next-generation sequencing technology. We believe that our study shall offer valuable insights towards realizing the larger vision of understanding the key medicinally active compounds and their pathways.

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