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Data from: Habitat-mediated carry-over effects lead to context dependent outcomes of species interactions


Van Allen, Benjamin G.; Rudolf, Volker H. W. (2016), Data from: Habitat-mediated carry-over effects lead to context dependent outcomes of species interactions, Dryad, Dataset,


1. When individuals disperse, their performance in newly colonized habitats can be influenced by the conditions they experienced in the past, leading to environmental carry-over effects. While carry-over effects are ubiquitous in animal and plant systems, their impact on species interactions and coexistence are largely ignored in traditional coexistence theory. 2. Here we used a combination of modelling and experiments with two competing species to examine when and how such environmental carry-over effects influence community dynamics and competitive exclusions. 3. We found that variation in the natal habitat quality of colonizing individuals created carry-over effects which altered competitive coefficients, fecundity and mortality rates, and extinction probabilities of both species. As a consequence, the dynamics of competitive exclusion within and across habitat types was contingent on the natal habitat of colonizing individuals, indicating that spatial carry-over effects can fundamentally alter the dynamics and outcome of interspecific competition. 4. Interestingly, carry-over effects persistently influenced dynamics in systems with interspecific competition for the entire duration of the experiment while carry-over effects were transient and only influenced initial dynamics in single-species populations. Thus carry-over effects can be enhanced by species interactions, suggesting that their long-term effects may often not be accurately predicted by single-species studies. 5. Given that carry-over effects are ubiquitous in heterogeneous landscapes, our results provide a novel mechanism that could help explain variation in the structure of natural communities.

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