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Tectaria danangensis (Tectariaceae), a new fern species from Vietnam


The Pham, Van; Shu-Han, Li; Dong, Shi-Yong (2023), Tectaria danangensis (Tectariaceae), a new fern species from Vietnam, Dryad, Dataset,


A new fern species, Tectaria danangensis (Tectariaceae) is described and illustrated from Vietnam, which had long been misreported as T. crenata. The new species somewhat resembles T. poilanei, a species long neglected in the fern flora of Indochina, in the frond shape and sori arrangement but differs by its sori irregularly in two rows (versus regularly 2-rowed, distantly and evenly arranged) between lateral veins of pinnae, fronds being more or less dimorphic (versus monomorphic), and basal pinnae each having a base-joined (versus free) branch. Phylogenetic analyses of selected sequences of cpDNA suggested T. danangensis has close affinity to T. harlandiiTectaria danangensis appears to be an intermediate species between T. harlandii and T. poilanei.

Usage notes

1. The "T" or "T." in species naming is an abbreviation of Tectaria.

2. In the sequence alignments, "N"or "?" stands for unsequenced character.

3. Phylogenetic tree of Tectaria is obtained from Bayesian inference, maximum likelihood and maximum parsimony analysis of combined plastid regions of rbcL, atpB, rps16-matK, ndhF-trnN and trnL-F.