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Microscale modelling of dielectrophoresis assembly processes

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Lauricella, Marco et al. (2021). Microscale modelling of dielectrophoresis assembly processes [Dataset]. Dryad.


This work presents a microscale approach for simulating the dielectrophoresis (DEP) assembly of polarizable particles under an external electric field. The model is shown to capture interesting dynamical and topological features, such as the formation of chains of particles and their incipient aggregation into hierarchical structures. A quantitative characterization in terms of the number and size of these structures is also discussed. This computational model could represent a viable numerical tool to study the mechanical properties of particle-based hierarchical materials and suggest new strategies for enhancing their design and manufacture.


The simulations were obtained by LAMMPS.

Usage notes

The freeware PARAVIEW is adviced to open the vtk files.