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The genome of the haptophyte Diacronema lutheri (Pavlova lutheri, Pavlovales)


Hulatt, Chris J; Wijffels, René H; Posewitz, Matthew C (2021), The genome of the haptophyte Diacronema lutheri (Pavlova lutheri, Pavlovales), Dryad, Dataset,


Haptophytes are biogeochemically and industrially important protists, but we know little about their genomic diversity. Here we sequenced the nuclear genome of Diacronema lutheri (Pavlova lutheri, Pavlovales) using third generation PacBio long-read sequencing coupled with Illumina sequencing. The genome was assembled with CANU and subsequently polished using both PacBio and Illumina reads to high consensus accuracy. Genome annotation was performed using BRAKER2 and three sets of RNA-seq evidence. The dataset presented here comprises two files comprising (1) the full genome sequence and (2) the annotated protein sequences, each in .fasta format.The genome assembly size is 43.5 Mb and is characterized by a high GC content. Due to the use of long sequencing reads, the genome is highly contiguous and contained in 103 contigs. A total of 14,446 protein-coding genes were annotated, and further details of the assembly and annotation process are available in the publication.


European Commission, Award: 749910