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Data from: Intraguild dynamics of understudied carnivores in a human-altered landscape

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Easter, Tara; Bouley, Paola; Carter, Neil (2020). Data from: Intraguild dynamics of understudied carnivores in a human-altered landscape [Dataset]. Dryad.


Mesocarnivores constitute a diverse and often abundant group of species, which are increasingly occupying higher trophic levels within multi-use landscapes. Yet, we know relatively little about their interactions with each other, especially in human-altered areas. Using camera trap data collected in a forestry concession in the Greater Gorongosa ecosystem of central Mozambique, we examined the spatiotemporal relationships and potential for intraguild competition among three understudied African carnivores: African civets (Civettictis civetta), bushy-tailed mongooses (Bdeogale crassicauda), and large-spotted genets (Genetta maculata). After accounting for habitat preferences and tolerance to anthropogenic factors, we found that African civets and bushy-tailed mongooses avoid each other spatially and temporally. Additionally, civets and mongooses were also both more likely to use sites farther away from human settlements, possibly decreasing the total available habitat for each species if, competition is driving this spatial partitioning. In contrast, we did not find evidence for spatial or temporal partitioning between large-spotted genets and African civets, but bushy-tailed mongooses altered their activity patterns where they co-occurred with genets. Our study contributes to scant ecological knowledge of these mesocarnivores and adds to our understanding of community dynamics in human-altered ecosystems.

Usage notes

To run the co-abundance R script in "twospp_abundmodel_EE", you will need the site_covs and the spp_occ75 excel files, and the TE_2spp text file in your working directory.

To run the temporal overlap analyses, you only need the R script and temp_overlap_EcoEvo.RData file loaded.



Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Denver Zoo

Clouded Leopard Project, Yayasan Sabah

Sarawak Ministry of Education, Award: NRGS/1087/2013 (01)