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Future changes in mangrove coastal water properties

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Van der Stocken, Tom (2022). Future changes in mangrove coastal water properties [Dataset]. Dryad.


This dataset contains data on future changes in sea-surface water properties along the global distribution of mangrove forests. This includes the coordinates of mangrove occurence and associated information on present (2000-2014) and future (2090-2100) sea-surface temperature (SST), sea-surface salinity (SSS), and sea-surface density (SSD, derived from SST and SSS, using the UNESCO EOS-80 equation of state polynomial for seawater - 'sw_dens.m' in MATLAB). SST and SSS fields from which the data were extracted, are from the Bio-ORACLE database. Additionally, for each of the mangrove occurence points (longitude, latitude), information is provided about the main mangrove biogeographical region and associated province as provided in the Marine Ecoregions of the World dataset (Spalding et al., 2007, BioScience), alowing for a spatial analysis of the data. More information and details about the data are provided in the README sheet of the Excel data file.


For details about the data, we refer to the README sheet that is provided in the Excel data file, as well as the Methods section in the associated manuscript.


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