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Secondary Contact LTREB: Lake metadata

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Post, David; Palkovacs, Eric (2021). Secondary Contact LTREB: Lake metadata [Dataset]. Dryad.


This dataset contains metadata for the core lakes of the Secondary Contact LTREB and other lakes that are occasionally sampled by the project. 


Much of the lake data were originally collected from public records and published in: 

Post, David M., Eric P. Palkovacs, Erika G. Schielke, and Stanley I. Dodson. 2008. "Intraspecific variation in a predator affects community structure and cascading trophic interactions." Ecology 89 (7): 2019-2032.

Jones, A.W., E. P. Palkovacs, and D. M. Post. 2013. "Recent parallel divergence in body shape and diet source of alewife life history forms." Evolutionary Ecology 27: 1175-1187.

Usage notes

Area is in hectares and maximum depth is in meters. Percent pelagic is the percent of the lake area with a depth >3m, calculated from the bathymetry of the lakes studied by Jones et al. (2013). 


National Science Foundation, Award: 1343920, 1556848, 2102763