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Data from: Deep learning for bridge load capacity estimation in post-disaster and -conflict zones


Pamuncak, Arya; Guo, Weisi; Soliman Khaled, Ahmed; Laory, Irwanda (2019), Data from: Deep learning for bridge load capacity estimation in post-disaster and -conflict zones, Dryad, Dataset,


Many post-disaster and -conflict regions do not have sufficient data on their transportation infrastructure assets, hindering both mobility and reconstruction. In particular, as the number of aging and deteriorating bridges increase, it is necessary to quantify their load characteristics in order to inform maintenance and prevent failure. The load carrying capacity and the design load are considered as the main aspects of any civil structures. Human examination can be costly and slow when expertise is lacking in challenging scenarios. In this paper, we propose to employ deep learning as method to estimate the load carrying capacity from crowd sourced images. A new convolutional neural network architecture is trained on data from over 6000 bridges, which will benefit future research and applications. We tackle significant variations in the dataset (e.g. class interval, image completion, image colour) and quantify their impact on the prediction accuracy, precision, recall and F1 score. Finally, practical optimisation is performed by converting multiclass classification into binary classification to achieve a promising field use performance.

Usage Notes

Bridge Images for Capacity Prediction

The file datasets.7z contains images of bridges from the U.S. which are obtained from the web. These images form datasets which are employed to train and test bridge capacity prediction models.