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Outcomes of the mating interactions of Prionostemma sp.5 harvestmen


Escalante, Ignacio; Elias, Damian (2022), Outcomes of the mating interactions of Prionostemma sp.5 harvestmen, Dryad, Dataset,


This dataset contains the information used on the peer-reviewed paper Escalante, I., Elias, D.O. Robustness in action: Leg loss does not affect mating success in male harvestmen. Behav Ecol Sociobiol 76, 20 (2022). Please consult the open-access paper for further information describing the methods on how this data was collected, analyzed, and presented. 

Briefly, we manipulated the type of leg loss (locomotor or sensory) that males experienced and assessed its impacts on courtship behavior and mating success in a species of Neotropical harvestmen of the genus Prionostemma. We conducted mating trials in which we presented an intact (8-legged) or autotomized (6-legged) male to a 8-legged females, and video recorded their behavior. We qualitatively and quantitatively scored their behavior. Lastly, in the preserved specimens we measured certain morphological variables to correlate them with the behavioral outcome.