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Data from: Male-mediated effects on female meiotic recombination


Stevison, Laurie S (2011), Data from: Male-mediated effects on female meiotic recombination, Dryad, Dataset,


Recombination rates vary owing to an individual’s genetic composition and/or its environmental condition. Yet, the effects of mating partner on recombination rates have not been considered. Here, I document a previously undescribed male-mediated effect on female recombination rates. After crossing females to males from different genetic backgrounds, I observed a significant difference in proportion of recombinant offspring based on the genetic background of the father (p=0.0292; 3 df; F=3.07). Genetic variation in male ability to affect recombination rate in their mates suggests the potential for sexual conflict on optimal proportion of recombinant offspring, perhaps leading to changes in population-level recombination rates with varying levels of sexual selection.

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