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Local adaptation across a complex bioclimatic landscape in two montane bumble bee species


Jackson, Jason et al. (2020), Local adaptation across a complex bioclimatic landscape in two montane bumble bee species, Dryad, Dataset,


Understanding evolutionary responses to variation in temperature and precipitation across species ranges is of fundamental interest given ongoing climate change. The importance of temperature and precipitation for multiple aspects of bumble bee (Bombus) biology, combined with large geographic ranges that expose populations to diverse environmental pressures, make these insects well-suited for studying local adaptation. We analyzed genome-wide sequence data from two widespread bumble bees, Bombus vosnesenskii and Bombus vancouverensis, using multiple Environmental Association Analysis methods to investigate climate adaptation across latitude and altitude. The strongest signatures of selection were observed in B. vancouverensis, but despite unique responses between species for most loci, we detected several shared responses. Genes relating to neural and neuromuscular function and ion transport are especially evident with respect to temperature variables, while genes relating to cuticle formation, tracheal and respiratory system development, and homeostasis were associated with precipitation variables. Our data thus suggest that adaptive responses for tolerating abiotic variation are likely to be complex, but that several parallels among species can emerge even for these complex traits and landscapes. Results provide the framework for future work into mechanisms of thermal and desiccation tolerance in bumble bees and a set of genomic targets that might be monitored for future conservation efforts.


This data set contains data derived from RAD-tag sequencing of wild caught bumble bees. 

Usage Notes

Dryad data two sets of "vos" and "bif" data for Jackson et al. "Local adaptation across a complex bioclimatic landscape in two montane bumble bee species"

Two files "bif_metadata_58.txt" and "vos_metadata_58.txt" have detailed descriptions of all the data files contained within. 

####Please note that "bif" is now renamed to B. vancouverensis. All files in this folder referred to as "bif" or "bifarius" relate to B. vancouverensis in the associated Molecular Ecology manuscript.####


National Science Foundation, Award: DEB-1457645

National Science Foundation, Award: DEB-1457659