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Gene alterations, clinical informations and survival data of gliomas with/without corpus callosum involvement

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Cui, Meng; Zhang, Meng; Chen, Hewen; Ma, Xiaodong (2021). Gene alterations, clinical informations and survival data of gliomas with/without corpus callosum involvement [Dataset]. Dryad.


The raw dataset of this study contained the gene alterations, clinical informations and survival data of glioma patients. Gene alterations data were obtained by Next-generation DNA sequencing of glioma samples of patients. Clinical informations were obtained from Electronic medical records and follow-up. The survival data were obtained by follow-up of patients. In order to explore gene alterations and their correlation with the survival of glioblastoma (GBM) of corpus callosum (CC) involvement (ccGBM), this dataset was analyzed in detail. A total of 30 ccGBM and 88 non-ccGBM were finally included. The ccGBM had higher incidence of PDGFRA (33.3% versus 9.1%, P=0.004) alterations than non-ccGBM. PDGFRA amplification (PDGFRAamp, 33.3% versus 9.1%, P=0.004) and missense mutation (PDGFRAmut, 20.0% versus 3.4%, P=0.011) both had higher incidence in ccGBM than in non-ccGBM. PDGFRA alteration was significantly associated with the occurrence of ccGBM (OR=4.91 [95%CI: 1.55-15.52], P=0.007). The ccGBM of PDGFRAamp achieved shorter median PFS (8.6 versus 13.5 months, P=0.025) and OS (12.4 versus 17.9 months, P=0.022) than non-ccGBM of PDGFRAnon-amp. The ccGBM of PDGFRAamp combined with PDGFRAmut (PDGFRAamp-mut) had shorter median PFS (7.6 versus 8.9 months, P=0.022) and OS (9.6 versus 17.8 months, P=0.006) than non-ccGBM of PDGFRA wild type and non-amplification (PDGFRA-w, non-amp). Compared to ccGBM of PDGFRA-w, non-amp, the ccGBM of PDGFRAamp and PDGFRAamp-mut both had shorter median PFS and OS (P<0.05). Hazard ratios (HRs) of PDGFRAamp for PFS and OS of ccGBM were 3.08 (95%CI: 1.02-9.35, P=0.047) and 5.07 (95%CI: 1.52-16.89, P=0.008) respectively, HRs of PDGFRAamp-mut for PFS and OS were 13.16 (95%CI: 3.19-54.40, P<0.001) and 16.36 (95%CI: 2.66-100.70, P=0.003) respectively. The PDGFRA alterations is significantly associated with the occurrence and poor prognosis of ccGBM.


The dataset was collected during a glioma study at the Neurosurgery department of First Medical Centre of Chinese PLA General Hospital. To get the results of gene alterations status of glioma invading corups callosum or not, the gene alterations of glioma were tested using Next-generation DNA sequencing by Genetron Health of China.

Usage notes

The readme file contains an explanation of each of the variables in the dataset, its measurement units. Information on how the measurements were done can be found in the associated manuscript referenced above.