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Pat Creek Restoration Project

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Cadmus, Rob (2020). Pat Creek Restoration Project [Dataset]. Dryad.


In 2019, the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition restored habitat for salmon and steelhead trout
in Wrangell, Alaska's Pats Creek. Thirty-one whole trees were harvested and placed in the mainstem and
west fork of Pats creek to enhance fish habitat. An abandoned logging road on the south side of
Pats Creek was breached in four locations to reactivate stranded floodplain and restore natural
channel migration, and five fish passage barriers were removed by the decommissioning of the
Tunnel Road. Post construction monitoring showed that implementation was in line with design



Includes are pre and post construction reports completed by Interfluve, Inc. for the project including stream profile surveys.  Methods are explained in attached documents.  

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Citation of uploaded data should credit: 

Miller, Dan.  2017.  Technical Memorandum:  Pat Creek Design Memorandum.  Inter-fluve, Inc. 

Brunfelt, Mike and Dan Miller.  2019.  Technical Memorandum:  Pat Creek Construction Report.  Inter-fluve, Inc.  



Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund, Award: Akssf: 52005