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Data from: Metadata capital in a data repository

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Greenberg, Jane; Swauger, Shea; Feinstein, Elena M. (2013). Data from: Metadata capital in a data repository [Dataset]. Dryad.


This paper reports on a study exploring ‘metadata capital’ acquired via metadata reuse. Collaborative modeling and content analysis methods were used to study metadata capital in the Dryad data repository. A sample of 20 cases for two Dryad metadata workflows (Case A and Case B) consisting of 100 instantiations (60 metadata objects, 40 metadata activities) was analyzed. Results indicate that Dryad’s overall workflow builds metadata capital, with the total metadata reuse at 50% or greater for 8 of 12 metadata properties, and 5 of these 8 properties showing reuse at 80% or higher. Metadata reuse is frequent for basic bibliographic properties (e.g., author, title, subject), although it is limited or absent for more complex scientific properties (e.g., taxon, spatial, and temporal information). This paper provides background context, reports the research approach and findings, and considers research implications and system design priorities that may contribute to metadata capital—long term.

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