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Data from: Miracle of light in evolution unravels panspermia theory of origin of life

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Yeragudipati, Venkata Subba Rao (2020). Data from: Miracle of light in evolution unravels panspermia theory of origin of life [Dataset]. Dryad.


The hypothesis of origin of life is ancillary to how life evolved on earth based on the laws of astrophysics. Evolution of life on earth, based on the laws of Astrophysics, is the benchmark to unravel ‘Panspermia Theory of Origin of Life’ which is gaining momentum in recent years with sufficient scientific evidences. All these evidences are already found mentioned in the two categories of vedic knowledge, knowledge of material sciences (apara vidya) and knowledge of the inner world spiritual knowledge (para vidya). “Jyotish”, a Vedānga, with explicit scientific proof advocates that evolution of all life is only on our planet in physical forms and nowhere else in the Universe. The underlying cause is that light does its magical trick: the magic of transformation of matter into life and the magic of transformation of light into living energy that transfers from plants to all animals. Advanced Panspermia Origin of life explains the plausible mechanism of connecting the inorganic chemistry available to us in the universe and that life arose from it as an emergent property of matter. Evolution of life on earth addresses the two critical areas of advanced complex life of ‘Cambrian Explosion’ and the development of even more complex and intricate human brain on earth. Electromagnetic force is the main criterion for encoding of DNA during origin of the cell, conserving and decoding of DNA in evolution. Solar disturbances and their particle emissions are the most probable link between biological and extra-terrestrial events.

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All research papers published in regard to arriving at the information for unraveling the mysterious problem of panspermia origin of life and evolution of life on earth.