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Data from: A weapons-testes trade-off in males is amplified in female traits

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Miller, Christine W. et al. (2019). Data from: A weapons-testes trade-off in males is amplified in female traits [Dataset]. Dryad.


Sexually selected weapons are assumed to trade off with traits related to ejaculates, such as testes. Yet, remarkably little is known about what governs resource allocation and why trade-offs are found in some cases and not others. Often-used models depict competitive allocation occurring within the functional grouping of traits (e.g., reproduction); however, other factors including tissue expense and developmental timing may influence allocation. Experimental comparisons of investment across the sexes have the potential to illuminate allocation rules, because the sexes do not always use traits for the same functions. Here, we capitalize upon a species where females have weapons-testes homologues. We report that a documented trade-off in investment between hind-limb weapons and testes in leaf-footed cactus bugs, Narnia femorata, is even more pronounced in female hind limbs and ovaries. Female hind limbs in this species do not share the clear reproductive function of male hind limbs, therefore this trade-off spans trait functional groups. Such patterns of investment suggest that future studies of reproductive trade-offs should consider factors such as tissue expense and developmental timing.

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National Science Foundation, Award: 1552100