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Insecticidal activity of Lantana camara extract oil on controlling maize grain weevils


Ayalew, Adane Adugna (2020), Insecticidal activity of Lantana camara extract oil on controlling maize grain weevils, Dryad, Dataset,


Currently farmers are faced by serious post-harvest problems from weevils especially in storage of grains. When grains exposed to insects they become less marketable and loss quality of grain. In this study the insecticidal property of methanol, ethanol and ethyl acetate extracted oil from Lantana Camara leaf for controlling of maize weevils, Sitophilus Zeamais were studied. Gas Chromatography-Mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) was used to identify the chemical composition and Functional group of solvent extracted oil respectively. Adult weevil’s repellency and mortality were studied by the effect of extract oil concentration at 0% (w/w), 2% (w/w), 3% (w/w), 5% (w/w), 7% (w/w), and 10% (w/w) to weight of grain maize and exposed days. Repellency effect was also conducted at 6, 12 and 24 h at different concentration oil. The number of weevil’s death increases significantly as exposed time increases. The extracted oil by the three-solvent fraction had direct repellent and toxic effect to the weevil. From all treatment applied, extracted by methanol fraction had showed highest percentage mortality (74%). The lowest mortality rate was observed in ethyl acetate fraction oil (26%), at 2% (w/w) concentration. The effect of lantana Camara leaf powder and extracted oil on repellency and mortality was showed directly proportional to concentration dosage.


Bahir Dar University, Award: $500