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The ginseng transcriptome, ginsenoside and environmental factors dataset


Wang, Zhongce (2023), The ginseng transcriptome, ginsenoside and environmental factors dataset, Dryad, Dataset,


Ginseng is a world-renowned and precious Chinese herbal medicine. Its practical components have apparent effects on alleviating sub-health and rehabilitation. In our study, we conducted WGCNA bioinformatics analysis and verified it using transcriptome expression, saponin phenotype, and environmental factors data. We found the basic rule of typical saponins accumulation mediated by transcriptome expression profiles through the effect of some typical environmental factors and built a prediction model that makes biological sense. Using relevant data, we can further analyze the relationship between the change in environmental factors and the accumulation of effective components of ginseng, which lays a foundation for the establishment of a digital ginseng model more in line with the growth and development characteristics of ginseng.

This data set involves the transcriptome expression of 42 ginseng samples, the content of saponins, the expression of 11 key enzyme genes associated with saponin Rb1 and typical ecological factors at the same time.


Education Development Plan Project of Jilin Province, Award: JJKH20210415KJ

Jilin Scientific and Technological Development Program, Award: YDZJ202201ZYTS692