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Histology, TNF-alpha, and collagen score, body weight, and ulcer size

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Meutia Sari, Liza (2022). Histology, TNF-alpha, and collagen score, body weight, and ulcer size [Dataset]. Dryad.


Background: Areca nut (Areca catechu L.) is the seed of the fruit of the oriental palm that is commonly used among Southeast Asian communities. Chrysanthemum (Dendrathema grandiflora) is a flowering plant originating from East Asia and dominantly grows in China. Both of these plants have strong antioxidant activities. To investigate the mechanism of their wound healing activities, we prepared areca nut and chrysanthemum polyethylene oral gel and performed several in vivo assays using Sprague-Dawley rats.

Methods:  Sprague Dawley rats were divided into five groups: Negative control group (rats with base gel treatment), positive control group (rats treated with triamcinolone acetonide), F1 (treatment with 20% areca nut:80% chrysanthemum), F2 (treatment with 50% areca nut:50% chrysanthemum), and F3 (treatment with 80% areca nut:20% chrysanthemum). Traumatic ulcers were performed on the buccal mucosa of all experimental animals that received topical oral gel and triamcinolone acetonide twice a day for seven days. The clinical and histological characteristics were analyzed and scored.

Results: During the six days, the ulcerated area receded linearly over time and was completely cicatrized in F2 and positive control group (Dependent t-test, p<0.05). There were a significant increase in body weight in F2 and positive control groups. There were no significant differences between groups in histology examination (Kruskal Wallis test, p<0.05). The moderate score of TNF-α levels was seen in F2 and positive control groups (ANOVA/Tukey test). Similar results were seen in the collagenases assay.

Conclusions: A balanced combination of areca nut and chrysanthemum extract in the oral gel can optimize the healing of traumatic oral ulcers in rats through the increase of TNF-α and collagen deposition.


The data set was collected from the biopsy of the ulceration on buccal mucosa of Sprague-Dawley rats that have been treated with areca nut and chrysan oral gel. 

The histology characteristics, TNF-alpha, and collagen scores were analyzed according to ulcer phase. The body weights were measured by digital scale. The oral ulcers were measured by digital calliper.

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