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Neural signatures of alpha2 adrenergic agonist-induced unconsciousness and awakening by antagonist


Ballesteros, Jesus J.; Briscoe, Jessica; Ishizawa, Yumiko (2020), Neural signatures of alpha2 adrenergic agonist-induced unconsciousness and awakening by antagonist, Dryad, Dataset,


The dataset provides all necessary raw data to replicate the main analisys and figures in the manuscript. 


Neural data comes from extracellular microelectrode arrays (Floating Microelectrode Arrays, MicroProbes), implanted into the primary somatosensory cortex (S1), and ventral premotor area (PMv). Each array (1.95 x 2.5 mm) contained 16 platinum-iridium recording microelectrodes separated by 400 µm.  The neural activity was recorded continuously and simultaneously from S1 and PMv while the animals were alert and participating in the task and throughout anesthesia and recovery. Analog data were amplified, band-pass filtered between 0.5 Hz and 8 kHz and sampled at 40 kHz. The local field potentials in this dataset were separated by low-pass filtering at 200 Hz and down-sampled at 1 kHz. The neural data included here has not been further processed.

The behavioral assesment is the result of trial-by-trial time-stamp extraction from raw behavior files ('DataArray').

We also provide the computed times to loss/recovery of consciousness and recovery of pre-anesthetic performance for the standar thresholds of behavior explained in the main text.

Usage notes

Each session is saved as a matlab (2019) file. Each file contains:

- a structure 'LFPdata' with fields 'S1' and 'PMv', for each recording array,where each is an electrode-by-time matrix values of extracellular potential (mV), sampled at 1KHz. 

- a structure 'bhv' with fields 'DataArray', 'date' and 'Animal'. 'DataArray' is a matrix of trials-by-stamps where colums are:

     'start time', 'end time',  'behavior result', 'response/no response time' and 'reward time'. All times are in seconds. Behavior results: 0=Correct, 1=Fail, 2=No Response.

- a structure 'sessionInfo' with fileds 'startAnesthesiaTime', 'endAnesthesiaTime', 'locTime', 'rocTime', 'ropapTime'. Each contains the time (in seconds) for each event. 


National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Award: 1P01GM118269

Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research