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Audio files for applying the Wizard of Oz method

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Li, Chang; Yanagisawa, Hideyoshi (2020). Audio files for applying the Wizard of Oz method [Dataset]. Dryad.


This data set consists of audio files used by the users to apply the Wizard of Oz method in the two reported experiments, in which the experimenter simulated an autonomous virtual assistant in the context of interactive task sections.

The audio files serve the purpose of duplicating the reported experiments.

The experimental protocol, including instructions, are presented in Support Information affilliated to the PLOS ONE manuscript.


The uploaded files are used for conducting the two reported experiments using the Wizard of Oz method.

The files were generated on the Alexa Developer Console, primarly using text-to-voice functions.

The files were recorded using Soundflower in order to preclude external noises.

Usage tips can be found in Readme.pdf.