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Northern Bobwhite juvenile survival southwest Missouri 2016-2018

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Sinnott, Emily; Thompson, Frank; Weegman, Mitch; Thompson, Thomas (2021). Northern Bobwhite juvenile survival southwest Missouri 2016-2018 [Dataset]. Dryad.


These data and code are associated with the publication in Ornithological Applications entitled "Northern Bobwhite juvenile survival is greater on native grasslands managed with fire and grazing, and lower in non-native field borders and strip crop fields." We evaluated the influence of brood age, vegetation cover type, woody vegetation structure, habitat management, and landscape cover on juvenile survival in southwest Missouri 2016-2018.


Survival data were collected using brood capture and radio-telemetry field methods. Vegetation and habitat management covariates from locations of juvenile survival observations were calculated from maps derived from field observations, management histories, LiDAR data, and remotely sensed land cover data.

Usage notes

Please review the associated publication and electronic supplementary material for detailed descriptions of vegetation and habitat management covariates.

We have provided a ReadMe.txt file defining columns in the dataset as well as code used to estimate juvenile survival using the logistic exposure method.


Missouri Department of Conservation, Award: 00055731