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Scoring of research priorities for the Philippine Liver Research Network

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Sales, Reneepearl Kim; Oraño, Joseph; Reyes-Ramos, Gladys Kaye; Rodriguez, Ricci (2021). Scoring of research priorities for the Philippine Liver Research Network [Dataset]. Dryad.


Health research networks are viewed as an avenue through which complex health problems can be solved. Networks apply multidisciplinary expertise and methodologies to strengthen current evidence for a particular disease or condition. In 2019, the Philippine Council for Health Research Development signed a bilateral agreement with the Fondazione Italiana Fegato. Recognizing the need for liver research in the Philippines, one of their main areas of collaboration is the creation of the Philippine Liver Research Network. This exercise aimed to develop a research agenda for the network. This research priority-setting exercise followed steps based on the Philippine National Health Research System Guidelines for Health Research Prioritization and the James Lind Alliance framework: 1) identify stakeholders to participate, 2) map existing liver studies in the Philippines, 3) generation of the interim list of priorities, 4) research priority-setting consultation, and 5) seeking feedback on the research agenda from stakeholders. Seven stakeholders participated in the research priority-setting exercise. Soliciting research questions from stakeholders resulted in sixty-five initial research priorities. The final research agenda was selected through criteria selection, weight assignment, and scoring of each research priority in a consultation. The Philippine Liver Research Network aims to consolidate and capitalize on multi-sectoral and mult-disciplinary collaboration opportunities to advance liver health research in the country. With the eventual establishment of the network, the interdisciplinary research agenda presents an important opportunity for further funding. Although the network is currently in its early stages of formation, this exercise may serve to aid in further organizing the network and its stakeholders under the research agenda for 2020-2022.


This dataset was generated as part of the research priority setting process, during the consutlation to finalize the research agenda of the Philippine Liver Research Network. 

To determine the criteria through which the priorities will be evaluated, participants were asked to generate criteria individually. Each participant was given time to explain their suggested criteria to the group. The final criteria and weight assignments per criteria was decided as a plenary. Scoring of the research priorities was done individually and anonymously using the criteria and weights developed by the participants through paper forms. To minimize order bias, the list of research priorities were randomized in each paper form between participants. As recommended by the James Lind Alliance framework, only the top 10 research priorities were included in the research agenda and were presented to the participants.


Philippine Council for Health Research and Development