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Data from: Predicting bird-window collisions with weather radar

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Elmore, Jared; Riding, Corey; O'Connell, Timothy; Loss, Scott (2020). Data from: Predicting bird-window collisions with weather radar [Dataset]. Dryad.


This is the data archive for all recorded bird species and carcass counts used to predict bird window collisions using weather radar in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Data was collected by morning (0700-0900 cst) bird carcass surveys around 17 buildings in Stillwater, Oklahoma during spring (April-May) 2015-2017 and fall (September-October) 2015-2016 migration seasons. Survey effort and monitoring schedule were accounted for in carcass removal estimates. Total, migrant, and non-migrant fatalities were summed for all buildings for each date. Migrants were designated based on migratory status for individual birds based on date of collision occurrence in the study area, bird age, seasonal occurrence for species, and species-specific arrival, migration, and departure dates for our study area. Experimental carcass removal and surveyor detection trials conducted at the same buildings and time were also used incorporated to generate adjusted nightly estimates of migratory bird collisions that account for these biases.