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ReviewR: A light-weight and extensible tool for manual review of clinical records

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Mayer, David et al. (2022). ReviewR: A light-weight and extensible tool for manual review of clinical records [Dataset]. Dryad.


Objectives: Manual record review is a crucial step for electronic health record (EHR)-based research, but it has poor workflows and is error prone. We sought to build a tool that provides a unified environment for data review and chart abstraction data entry.

Materials and methods: ReviewR is an open-source R Shiny application that can be deployed on a single machine or made available to multiple users. It supports multiple data models and database systems, and integrates with the REDCap API for storing abstraction results.

Results: We describe two real-world uses and extensions of ReviewR. Since its release in April 2021 as a package on CRAN it has been downloaded 2,204 times.

Discussion and conclusion: ReviewR provides an easily accessible review interface for clinical data warehouses. Its modular, extensible, and open source nature afford future expansion by other researchers. 


These data are the results of double chart review of the same patients using either Epic Hyperspace or the tool developed in the manuscript, ReviewR. Half of the charts reviewed were first completed in ReviewR then Hyperspace, the other half were reviewed in Hyperspace then ReviewR. Three items were extracted - if the patient ever had a brain aneurysm, if the patient ever had a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), and if they had an SAH whether it was from an aneurysm (vs say trauma). 


U.S. National Library of Medicine, Award: K01LM013088

National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, Award: UL1TR001422

National Human Genome Research Institute, Award: R01GM105688

University of Colorado Denver