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Synthesizing existing phylogenetic data to advance phylogenetic research in Orobanchaceae

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Mortimer, Sebastian M. E.; Boyko, James; Beaulieu, Jeremy M.; Tank, David C. (2021). Synthesizing existing phylogenetic data to advance phylogenetic research in Orobanchaceae [Dataset]. Dryad.


To date, no comprehensive phylogenetic analyses have been conducted in Orobanchaceae that include both a wide generic sampling and a large sampling of species. In addition, a lack of fossil evidence in the clade precludes the use of primary fossil calibrations for divergence time estimation, preventing the establishment of a comprehensive temporal framework for use in macroevolutionary studies. Here, we use a recently developed set of tools for synthesizing publicly available data, apply these to reconstruct a comprehensive timetree for Orobanchaceae, and then investigate diversification dynamics in this clade of mostly parasitic plants using two model based methods. The assembled supermatrix included more than 900 species, representing approximately 40% of the known species diversity of the family, and the resulting phylogeny largely confirmed relationships revealed in earlier studies; however, we identified ten non-monophyletic genera that will require focused systematic attention to resolve. Diversification rate analyses found substantial support for character-dependent diversification, with elevated rates in hemiparasitic clades, and evidence for a number of speciation rate changes throughout the tree that are likely linked to other traits. Importantly, our multi-state HiSSE analysis revealed that transitions to a parasitic lifestyle only occur when there is a prior transition in an unobserved precursor state.  For Orobanchaceae, our study provides a new comprehensive framework for the clade that can serve as a stepping-stone for future macroevolutionary studies.


pyphlawd mined genbank accessions.

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mortimer_etal_2021_rpl32_cluster1284_10pclean.fasta 18.54 KB gene alignment
mortimer_etal_2021_rps2_cluster1245_10pclean.fasta 150.73 KB gene alignment
mortimer_etal_2021_rps16_cluster1224_10pclean.fasta 253.86 KB gene alignment
mortimer_etal_2021_trnL_cluster1253_10pclean.fasta 975.23 KB gene alignment
10per_3-3alns.taxonomyUpdate_v2.treefile 47.25 KB ML tree 18.81 MB Calibrated Tree Distribution
Fu_Calibrated_0.1_target_summary_medianHts.tre 714.52 KB Summary Tree 37.64 KB Point Estimate Tree
Fu17_rerun_10pb_500Calibration.trees.format.nex 6.60 MB Trees from Fu et al. 2017
Fu17_rerun_10pb_combined_MCC.tre 109.31 KB Tree from Fu et al. 2017 18.80 MB Calibrated Tree Distribution
Schneider_Calibrated_1k_target_summary_medianHts.tre 719.62 KB Summary Tree 37.66 KB Point Estimate Tree
FigureS5_Orobanchaceae_ML_tree.pdf 58.75 KB S5 ML tree
FigureS8_2021_Bamm_mcmc.pdf 1.57 MB S8 mcmc
FigureS9_2021_Bamm_post_prior.pdf 8.98 KB S9 prior/posterior
FigureS10-S17_MuHiSSE_models.docx 2.17 MB S10 - S17
TableS1_2021.docx 33.67 KB S1 - sequences removed
TableS2_2021.docx 15.78 KB S2 - subspecific tips
TableS3_2021.docx 28.47 KB S3 - genus, clade, sampling, taxonomy, geography
TableS4_2021.docx 13.46 KB S4 - name changes
TableS6_2021.tsv 2.03 KB S6 - Fu et al. 2017 calibrated dates
TableS7_2021.tsv 2.03 KB S7 - Schneider and Moore 2017 calibrated dates